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Economic and cultural impact

The Island of Stromboli is an active volcano, whose persistent activity referred to as “stromboliana” presents moderate explosive activity of mid intensity occurring every 10 to 20 minutes, and specifically for this reason is increasingly becoming a coveted tourist destination.

The island’s economy in fact is mainly based on tourism, linked to the presence of its spectacular volcano.

The island’s powerful volcanic activity has not however discouraged the ever growing tourist flow, on the contrary, following the earliest phases of major emergencies tourists have flocked to the Island to witness the spectacular volcanic explosions.

Therefore, in order to manage the delicate balance between the need from the economic point of view to allow a constant influx of tourists and the need at the same time to manage the risks determined by the tourists presence on the Island, Stromboli has come up with:

- A very useful handbook supplying all the necessary information to visit the Island safely, including information on the local civil protection system and behavior code to adopt in emergency situations

- Safety guide for hiking trails