North-Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas

Tsunami Information Centre

Task Team on Tsunami Exercise

Co-chairs : Emilie Crochet (Ministry of Interior, France) and Marzia Santini (Italian Department for Civil Protection)


The Task Team will:

  1. Plan, conduct and evaluate NEAMWave14, together with the Exercise Team*
  2. Report progress to ICG/NEAMTWS-XI

Modus operandi

The Task Team will mainly work by correspondence, but hold a meeting in March 2014, and if required, another one in preparation for the next ICG meeting.


The ICG officers

  • Chairs or co-chairs of existing NEAMTWS Task Teams and Working Groups
  • Representatives of candidate TWPs
  • Experts designated by Member States having interest in participating in the system
  • (NTWCs, TWFPs, TNCs, Civil Protection authorities)
  • Representatives of relevant organizations working in the NEAMTWS region
  • Representative of ICG CARIBE-EWS

 * Exercise Team: Current and previous co-chairs of TT-CTE, WG1 (Hazard Assessment and Modelling), WG4 (Public Awareness, Preparedness and Mitigation), Chairperson of NEAMTWS, members of the IOC Secretariat.