North-Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas

Tsunami Information Centre

Task Team on Operations 

Task Team on Operations- Co-chairs: François Schindele (CENALT, France) and Fernando Carrilho (Portugese Sea  and Atmosphere Institute, Portugal) 


The Task Team will:

  1. Coordinate the development and operational implementation of warning centers/systems through:

(i) Developing a NEAMTWS Performance Monitoring Framework based on the functions-requirements defined in the approved accreditation procedure and performance indicators developed for CTEs; advice on the modalities of operation, interoperability, methods and standards for the development and issuance of warnings, such as methods and reporting of magnitudes, and requirements in terms of coordination and operation of NEAMTWS.

  1. Foster and propose a technical solution for real-time data exchange among CTSPs,
  2. Advice on arrangements for redundancy and back-up arrangements,
  3. Support the update of the NEAMTWS Operation documents, as the Operational Users Guide (OUG),
  4. Report progress to ICG/NEAMTWS-XII.

Modus operandi

The Task Team will mainly work by correspondence and will hold one meeting in the first half of 2015, and if required, another one in preparation for the next ICG meeting.


  • The ICG officers,
  • All CTSP Representatives,
  • NTWC, TWFP and CPA Representatives,
  • Chairs or co-chairs of existing NEAMTWS Task Teams and Working Groups.

Co-chairs of the Task Team will be appointed by the ICG NEAMTWS Officers and will be reappointed on a rotational basis every year.