North-Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas

Tsunami Information Centre



Name of OrganizationNational Protection and Rescue Directorate
Name of OfficialNikola Krizmanic
AdressNehajska 5, 10000, Zagreb
Phone Number
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Name of OrganizationInstitute of Oceanography and Fisheries
Name of OfficialIvica Vilibicic
AdressSetaliste I. Mestrovica 63, 21000 Split
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Country Information
Location 45°48′N 16°0′E1
Area 56,594 km2 3
Coastline 6,268 km*
Climate Croatia can be divided into three Climatic regions. In the north are the Pannonian Plains, lowlands with a continental climate of cold winters and hot summers. Central Croatia consists of the mountainous Dinara Region, which is covered with large forests and has an alpine climate.The Adriatic coast enjoys a Mediterranean climate of cool,rainy winters and hot, dry summers
Population 4,307,0003
Official Languages Croatian1
Natural Hazards Earthquake, tsunami and flood2
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  • 3 UN Data
  • * The World factbook
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