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Bodrum Kos Turkey Greece Mw 6.6 earthquake and tsunami of 21 July 2017

Over the last two years several tsunamis have been recorded in the NEAMTWS region e.g. Aegean Sea (21 July 2017), in Alboran Sea (25 January 2016) and in the Ionian Sea (17 November 2015). Although moderate in size, these events highligh that the tsunami threat in NEAM region is real.

For the event of 21 July 2017 a security camera in the port of Kos (Greece) captured the arrival of the first waves and the inundation in the port. A video has been made available by Dr Gerassimos Papadopolos (National Observatory of Athens) and Dr Alesandro Annunziato (Joint Research Center Ispra, European Commission). Thanks are also due to the local municipality Mayor George Kiritsis who helped obtain the security video.

Click on the image below to view the video.

More information about the tsunami is available in the Post Tsunami Field Survey Report (authored by Ahmet Cevdet Yalçıner, Alessandro Annunziato, Gerassimos Papadopoulos, Gozde Guney Dogan, Hasan Gokhan Guler, Tarık Eray Cakir, Ceren Ozer Sozdinler, Ergin Ulutas, Taro Arikawa, Lutfi Suzen, Utku Kanoglu, Isikhan Guler, Pamela Probst, Costas Synolakis).

The report is available by clicking  here