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Immediately after the onset of the anomalous events the National System of Civil Protection started to mobilize all available and necessary resources to face the emergency in progress. In particular the Operational Centers of Stromboli (COA-Advanced Operational Centre) and Lipari were set up and all the population that wanted to evacuate the island was transferred to the other islands of the Archipelago on the Sicilian coast and monitoring networks were installed and/or strengthened.

Following the 30 December 2002 events, the National System of Civil protection deemed necessary to convene its scientific consultation body (Commissione Nazionale Grandi Rischi) (National Major Risks Commission) to assess the potential development of the scenario in progress.

The landslide event and the tsunami just occurred had been the direct consequence of a rapid and anomalous evolution of the persistent volcanic activity of the Stromboli. Significant and constant topographic deformations to the volcanic edifice were being regularly reported during those days.

The Commissione Grandi Rischi –Major Risk Commission- analysed the situation and assessed that the total evacuation of the population from the island was not necessary, and beside strengthening the monitoring network decided on the importance of an appropriate information campaign to the population on the events in course and risks including the best behaviour to adopt in case of sudden aggravation of the scenario. These measures allowed the resident population of the Island to return to their homes and in short to ensure the recovery of normal tourist business.