North-Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and connected seas

Tsunami Information Centre

New Informational Materials to Support Tsunami Awareness and Response and the Implementation of the Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme in the NEAM Region

The Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the North-eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, and connected seas Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System (ICG/NEAMTWS) introduces new informational products to contribute to the implementation of the Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme in the NEAM Region and ICG/NEAMTWS 2030 Strategy, with a specific focus on Pillar 3 on "Awareness and Response" of an Effective Early Warning and Mitigation System. 

The newly introduced products include: 

1. “Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme (TRRP)” Brochure: providing a brief overview TRRP in the NEAM region, particularly outlining the 12 indicators to be achieved by communities to become “Tsunami Ready”.  

2. Tsunami Fact Sheet” Brochure: providing practical information on how to act in case of tsunamis, including sources, forecasting and detection methods, and entities responsible for providing warnings to the public. 

3. “Tsunami: What to Do” Brochure: presenting essential actions to be taken during a tsunami. 

 5. ICG/NEAMTWS Poster: summarizing the general scope and objectives of the ICG/NEAMTWS. 

These products will serve as educational guides for communities and stakeholders in the IOC Member States, providing information on tsunamis, appropriate actions, and measures to be prepared and mitigate tsunami-related risks. The overall aim is to enhance the understanding of coastal hazards and risks while strengthening public and local authority awareness of tsunamis and associated hazards. 

The IOC/UNESCO and EU DG ECHO “Strengthening the Resilience of Coastal Communities in the North East Atlantic, Mediterranean Region to the Impact of Tsunamis and Other Sea Level-Related Coastal Hazards (CoastWAVE)” project, as well as non-project communities currently implementing the Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme (TRRP), will also benefit from these communication products given the specifications set by some of the Tsunami Ready Indicators from Standard guidelines for the Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme.

The communication products are available on NEAMTIC and will also be distributed to the Tsunami National Contacts (TNCs), Tsunami Warning Focal Points (TWFPs), Civil Protection Agencies, Schools and IOC DG ECHO CoastWAVE project partners and communities.